Haufson offer stunning ranges of stainless steel cookware that’s built to last, that is if you take good care of each item and clean them appropriately. Whether you have old cookware that’s in need of a thorough clean or if you want to keep your brand new Haufson pots and pans in prime condition, our 3 top tips will ensure that your cookware is always sparkling clean, ready for you to cook up your next delicious dish.


Tips for Everyday Cleaning

If you’ve invested in some expensive cookware, scrubbing your pots and pans is not recommended. Doing so may damage your cookware’s coating or leave scratch marks on certain materials, which will affect your cooking experience. When cleaning, make sure to always layer your pots and pans with hot water and washing-up liquids.


Stainless steel, ceramic and glass cookware without any non-stick coatings are safe materials to use steel wool on and won’t leave scratch marks behind. Take care when using steel wool to not brush roughly so you don’t damage your cookware.


Materials such as copper will usually be used for coated pots and pans, using soft sponges and light washing-up liquids will keep you from damaging your copper cookware and the coatings on them. Ensure you don’t use any steel wool tools when cleaning copper pans as copper is prone to damage.


Baking Soda & Vinegar to Remove Tough Stains

One of the best ways to keep your stainless steel cookware in great condition is to use two things that you probably already have in your cupboard, no need to buy a whole new cleaning product to get that burnt roux  off the bottom of the saucepan. A simple combination of the baking soda in your cupboards and the vinegar you put on your Friday fish & chips will work a dream.


Add a thin layer of water to your pan or pot and combine with 200ml of vinegar, bring this to a boil on your stove. Once boiled, remove from the heat. Finally, add 3 tablespoons of baking soda to your mixture and wait a couple minutes before pouring away the liquid and scouring away the dirt. You now have pots and pans that shine like new!


How to Clean Non-Stick

When cleaning non-stick cookware, you need to be careful not to destroy the non-stick coating. Profuse scrubbing with washing-up liquid and a sponge can start to ware the coating thin and you’ll end up with stick coating rather than non-stick. Vinegar will help you clean your cookware quickly and effectively while keeping your non-stick coating safe.


Take 100ml of vinegar and 150ml of water over a medium heat. Cook for 5-10 minutes until it begins to boil rapidly. Once the boiling has begun, take off heat and allow for the mixture too cool. You can now wash the pan as you usually would, take a soft sponge and a small amount of washing-up liquid and rub away any leftover dirt gently. Your non-stick cookware is now clean and ready for your next fry-up.


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