Easter is not too far away and of course Easter means one thing in our kitchen, Chocolate! We’ve got some delicious treat ideas for you and the family to cook up together in the kitchen, don’t worry we’ve thrown in a couple of chocolate free options if you aren’t a chocolate fan!


Chocolate nests

Would it be an Easter treats blog without these crunchy classics? We think not! Super quick and easy to whip up. All you’ll need is some rice crispies, shredded wheat or cornflakes, melted chocolate (our saucepans are perfect for this task) and some mini eggs or easter themed cake decorations to pop on the top. If you need a recipe, this one from BBC Good Food is great.


Creme egg brownies

If you are after an extra indulgent Easter treat then these are the one for you! There are two options for this one, either stick to your favourite brownie recipe and top with halved creme eggs and a little bit of white chocolate to help them stick or go all in with this recipe from Jane’s Patisserie, the ultimate Easter treat!


Mini egg cookies

If your children or partner are cookie monsters then this recipe is for you! The ultimate chewy centre cookie with a crispy edge packed full of chocolate. There are lots of recipes available online but this one from BBC Good Food is one of our favourites. 


Now if you aren’t into chocolate, we’ve got a couple of great recipes for you to try.


Hot Cross Buns

First up is an Easter classic, hot cross buns. These take a little longer to prepare so maybe one for slightly older children or if you have younger ones get them involved in the kneading and glazing. We are relying on the baking queen herself, Marry Berry, for this recipe which she claims is foolproof. We guarantee you won’t beat a home made hot cross bun, toasted and topped with butter and a cup of tea of coffee! It’s a winner in our eyes. You’ll be needing a saucepan for this recipe so why not treat yourself to an upgrade and order a Haufson non-stick saucepan to save time on the washing up!


Easter biscuits

This recipe is great for getting the kids involved in, they can let their creativity run wild with multi-coloured icing whilst decorating these. You can make these simple biscuits whatever shape you like bunnies, eggs or chicks, just use any cutters you have in the house. For the biscuits you’ll just need plain flour, caster sugar, butter and an egg (full recipe). These are really quick and easy to put together and the whole family will enjoy them!


If you really aren’t in the mood to bake but still want to treat your family to an Easter themed breakfast, why not order one of our pancake pans and create a pancake bar with all their favourite chocolate treats, fruit and sauces. We won’t take any responsibility for the mess that may be left in your kitchen, but that’s part of the fun!