If you’re looking for sleek, reliable and stylish kitchenware, we offer a range of cookware that will help you create the perfect summer dishes for you and your family. The Dark Collection is great for those with a simple and clean aesthetic and goes perfectly with modern or rustic kitchens.

The Dark Collection comes in various colours and patterns so despite the simple appearance, you still have options to choose from. Half of the collection comes in a refined black colour that’s easy to use, clean and fits almost every home aesthetic. Whereas the other half of the collection is known as The Asteroid Collection and holds the appearance of a dark brown/black starry night sky. A perfect fit for any modern home. Not only will your food taste delectable, but your kitchenware will look stunning no matter what design you choose.

The Dark Collection includes a large range of different pots and pans that will help you cook whatever you need for you and your family. From your everyday frying pans to hot pots and steamers, The Dark Collection has everything that you’ll ever need! Fancy a morning pancake? The Dark Collection even features an animal pancake pan so that you and your kids can have even more fun in the kitchen while creating tasty pancakes.

The Asteroid Collection equally includes a wide variety of pots and pans to choose from. This collection also has two sets to choose from if you are indeed of a kitchenware overhaul!

The Asteroid Trio includes an 11” non-stick frying pan for all your everyday frying needs. An 11” non-stick deep frying pan with lid included for cooking a perfect bolognese and also a 9.4” non-stick casserole dish so that you can quickly throw together a delicious meal and let it cook in the oven while you tend to other important matters.

The Asteroid Collection+ includes double the amount of pots and pans, perfect for a larger family. For those of you who want to create more complex dishes and may need a larger range of cookware, this is the collection for you! Including all the same pots and pans as The Asteroid Trio, the Collection+ also features a non-stick grill pan so you can chargrill your chicken and add more flavour to your meal. A saucepan with a lid to boil your water even faster and a large wok with a standable lid so you can cook flavoursome stir-frys all year round.

As all Haufson products, The Dark Collection is made with premium quality materials that are strong and durable to endure all the possible mishaps you may face.Their non-stick coating not only makes the clean-up a breeze, but also helps you live a healthier lifestyle. There’s no need to overload your pans with oil and butter to stop the food from sticking, the pans do it for you!

Shop The Dark Collection now and start your kitchen adventures the right way. https://www.haufson.com/collections/the-dark-collection