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[Asteroid Trio] - Haufson
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[Asteroid Trio] - Haufson
[Asteroid Trio] - Haufson
[Asteroid Trio] - Haufson
[Asteroid Trio] - Haufson

Haufson Pink Sauce pan 18 cm

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  • Features – Steam vent, stand-able lid, stylish colour, cooking spoon holder, PFOA free non-stick coating, stainless-steel base and easy to grip handle. The 18cm Non-stick Forged Aluminium Saucepan is suitable for cooking on all major hobs including induction hobs and hot plates.
  • PFOA free non-stick coating is a healthier option that allows faster heat conduction and designed to retain heat during cooking. Little or no oil is required and exceptionally easy to clean
  • Uniquely crafted transparent glass lid provides a clear window for viewing your delicious healthy meals while cooking. The lid is also stand-able because of its knob and prevents you from picking up bacteria.
  • The knob is ergonomically designed to make handle stays cool while cooking, allowing for burn-free easy handling. 

The set includes:

- 18 cm Sauce pan

- 18 cm Standable lid

Haufson Cookware

At Haufson, we craft our range of products with the perfect blend of quality craftsmanship with our love for cooking!

The outcome of this philosophy is quality products that are long-lasting, simple & easy on the eye whilst providing easy solutions to the daily problems faced in kitchens.

One such solution is the Haufson Sauce Pan!

Ready for the Modern Kitchen with Haufson Sauce Pan on every cook’s wish list!

  • Wish to reduce the time it takes you to perfectly prepare vegetables and meat? Flip and stir in no time at all! The steep curved side is designed to avoid spilling when flipping; it helps keep your food in the pan. Haufson Wok has a compact design that facilitates fast and evenly distributed heat to reduce the time required to cook. You would only need to cut Wok content into similar size and when for is ready, remove the lid, and allow for the room to absorb the beautiful aroma of your perfectly cooked dinner. Grab a ladle, serve, and enjoy

  • Ready to cook? Our modern Haufson Wok with one long handle is comfortable and safe to hold. It is designed with comfortable long-stick stay-cool handle that keeps hand safe, away from heat and makes our product easier to toss stir-fries. Haufson Wok weight is well balanced, evenly distributed and easy to lift to avoid tilting.

  • Do you wish to reduce oil used in cooking and actually cook your meals in a healthier cookware? The design allows your food land in hot oil as you stir-fry. It is enjoyable to cook with and large enough to prepare food for four to five people.

  • The 5-layer pot body design with a combination of high-end non-stick help preserve original tastes and flavours, while the extra thick aluminium die casting technology provides our hotpot with a durable shell. Haufson Wok is made from high quality, PFOA-free non-stick coating from the finest natural non-stick and marble material that makes movement in the wok seamless to allow stir-fry glides around the pan and cleaning after use easy

  • No need to fret over clean up! Give your Haufson Sauce pan a quick scrub in hot, soapy and you are done. You don’t even need a dish washer.